The User Agency

We design and execute useful, effective, original and memorable user experiences.
As ambassadors for our clients' users, Emakina always put them first. Anything worthy of the name of a ‘digital experience’ must be designed and produced for users. It just makes business sense.


The Reference

It’s more than digital, it’s your business

'It’s more than digital, it’s your business'. This slogan belongs to the first Belgian web agency that grew into a multichannel agency. From brand building to e-commerce, apps and search engine marketing, The Reference uses its expertise to help clients with their strategic transformation.


Robert & Marien

Transparent and trusted media buying

Robert&Marien focuses on financial transparency, expertise and client involvement for a range of services. This includes the creation of tactical plans, the negotiation of online and offline media spaces, and the implementation of media strategies with both traditional and the hottest new media.


Your agency

Putting the customer at the heart of communication

Forget product marketing, think customer marketing! Your Agency helps to establish a dialogue between your brand and your consumers, using its knowledge of brand activation, customer loyalty and the application of advanced customer relationship marketing (CRM) tools.



Fast, secure and stable e-commerce solutions

At WittyCommerce we deliver engineering and IT services. Specialising in 'digital commerce', our dedicated team can bring you tailor-made solutions for all customer touchpoints.



User-centric innovation experts

At Cloudworks, we focus on the culture, ambition and vision of our clients to deliver more than technological implementation. We provide all digital automation services—from marketing and sales automation to boost commercial results, to customer service automation, helping to personalise and optimise user support.