Emakina Group is now part of the epam family
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Emakina Group is now part of the epam family
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What does Emakina Group stand for? We have distilled our attitude and strengths down to five values. These are the concepts that best represent what our clients can expect of us:


We see progress as the ultimate goal of everything we accomplish. It acts as the driving force behind the ideas and transformations that make the world a better place. We anticipate and design the future by using technology to make everyday life easier.


Our nimbleness and fast, responsive thinking have always distinguished us from the competition. True to the agile methodologies and pioneering spirit of our beginnings, we don’t hesitate to challenge preconceived ideas and think outside the box. This is how we constantly evolve and effectively respond to the challenges of the digital transformation.


Technology only makes sense when it serves people. Users are at the heart of all our strategies and projects, of which they are the beneficiaries. The quality, originality, efficiency and utility of user experience are the essential ingredients to ensure the loyalty of consumers and their engagement with brands.


Thanks to the complementary nature of our various agencies, we have the necessary range of expertise to shape successful digital experiences, both locally and internationally. The technical skills, creativity and commercial acumen of our specialists are the pillars of our clients’ success.


Our reputation for reliability is based on sound financial management and a systematic focus on the long-term. Determined to ensure the future success of our clients, we design each project according to principles of sustainability and scalability.